Gemscool Eligium Indonesia

Gemscool Eligium , incorporating an unusual game for the MMORPG . gemscool Eligium Online Games Member List allows players to explore the game in accordance with the wishes of those who are rich in interesting features . Here we can play as humans , Elves are wise , and the mysterious Silva Panda harmonious .

In Eligium Online Gemscool which distinguishes it from other MMORPGs is that we are not going to find a point system when defeating monsters . Firepower and skills we will develop according to how often we use skills or weapons.

Online Eligium story Gemscool

Gemscool Eligium Online takes place in a world that is recovering from the great and terrible war with the demon . This war lasted for years and most of the legends of the heroes lost in the struggle . In a period of peace , appeared greed and corruption of the human race . With this greed , they want to release the seal once again demon world to harness the power of demons to personal interests . The world hopes now rely on forecasts eligium The Choosen One , because many heroes have fallen before.

The battle between mankind and the nation Demon has been for many years . Demon troop numbers very much make mankind aware that the war can not defeat them menangkan.Menyadari big risk , their only hope for survival lies across the sea lautan.Mereka fierce , face great danger in order to save its survival . After successfully passing the sea , they came to a continent that has been inhabited by creatures other races . Mankind Elves forge alliances with wise , the mysterious Silva and Panda are harmonis.Di here , mankind lives in peace .

But the good times did not last long . Demon bloodthirsty army again showed its fangs and attack the continent. In this time of war , not just humans who will fight , but all the races are disturbed in the continent vowed to unite against them . Expectations of those who say now rely padaramalan The existence of a Chosen One who will lead the combined forces of the interracial win the battle against Demon and save the world from chaos and destruction .
Eligium The Chosen One

Fantasy MMORPG " ELIGIUM - The Chosen One " has exceptional features which makes it different from other MMORPG games . With a very deep gameplay and variety of features that will make you get involved in this game , we will get a tremendous experience while playing . Player can complete a variety of quests will take you to the amazing world with incredible detail .

The fight against the Boss that demands our expertise in managing strategy , systems and Dungeon Party is a charming , Mount and Pet , Guild , challenging PvP system , ranking system and the system of Multi - Layered Item Upgrade all together in this game to create an exciting gaming experience that is not will we forget .

PC specs Gemscool Eligium Online

Minimum Requirements :

OS : Windows XP / 2000/98 / Vista
CPU : Intel Pentium IV 1.4G and above
RAM : 512 MB ​​RAM
HDD : 4 GB Free
Graphics Card : GeForce 6600 or equivalent

Recommended Specification :

OS : Windows XP / Vista
CPU : Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0G and above
RAM : 1024 MB ( 1GB ) of RAM
HDD : 6 GB Free
Graphics Card : GForce 8600 GT or equivalent

And if we play this game Eligium Online Gemscool through G - Bio will get a Buff "Special Aura " . Dependent of the cafe , whether of type G - Buddhism , Silver or Gold , as received buff will certainly have a different effect .

Gemscool Atlantica

Gemscool Atlantica, Gemscool some time ago issued a strategy game (strategy games / MMORPG ) which tells search Atlantis lands that had been destroyed by the arrogance and greed of Atlantis with the success they create a substance called Oriharukon . Atlantis finally disappeared in a flash as they lose control of supernatural powers created from Oriharukon .

Gemscool Atlantica

As a descendant of Atlantis , began the journey to find their ancestral lands , which disappeared from the earth long ago . Save the human race from the devastating effects Oriharukon , the source of destructive power belongs to Atlantis .

If we look at this game , we definitely thought of the ancient games-games before the advent of Read Alert and Warcraft . Game runs alternately between our party and the opposition . How to play this game requires the players to attack the cohesiveness of the enemy .

Atlantica Online - Game Online Indonesia from Gemscool

Synopsis Atlantica Online

Atlantis residents became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon . The desire to learn the secrets of this mysterious material , many other civilizations implored residents of Atlantis to share their knowledge , but they refused , closing their door to strangers .

People are still forced , brutally destroyed by the inhabitants of Atlantis . In the end , the people exhausted all supplies 4 Atlantis crystal , raw material for Oriharukon . Their thirst for the crystals to bring about the destruction of civilization 's greatest 4 ( Yellow River , the Indus Valley , Mesopotamia , and Egypt ) , and make their plans to conquer the world to find another crystal .

But the arrogance and greed of Atlantis just deliver them to the death . When they lost control of supernatural powers created from Oriharukon , Atlantis disappeared in a flash . However , the rest of Oriharukon still there .

Cell Quest Atlantica Online

To continue the dangerous journey that is destined for you as a descendant of Atlantis . To find your fatherland , which vanished from the earth long ago . To fulfill your destiny : Save the human race from the devastating effects Oriharukon , the source of destructive power belongs to Atlantis .

You will begin a great journey that will take you to places that mysterious and dangerous in the world , in the history of time and human life . You will enter battles against countless creatures of legends and strange creatures , mutated and deadly due to the effects of Oriharukon . In addition , you have to help the mercenaries you meet along the way , fighting the enemy together . You will collect clues from the old civilization is left , which will take you to the land of the lost Atlantis , as well as the secrets therein .

Strategic Combat Atlantica Online

Turn-based Battle System

Atlantica back to the roots of traditional RPGs and incorporates classic turn-based combat , and combining movement elements for deep strategic action ! Enjoy tactical combat that has been missing from modern MMORPG .

Mercenary system

Mercenary Recruit up to 18 to join in the journey . Have up to 8 Mercenary who fought with you in battle , and adjust your strategy according to the situation . Plan new tactics and maneuvers throughout the race to find an enemy's weakness . Level and the Mercenary rank , as well as character , will continue to increase if they are getting stronger .

Player Versus Player

Test of guts and courage against fellow players . Participate in the Free Leagues will test your fighting power every three hours in one day . And bet money on your strong suit yours by making a Challenge ; ago defeated all comers who want to take it from you .

Advanced Atlantica Online Community

Town Control / Government System Atlantica Online

Players have the ability to operate a guild that can manage a city . At that time , many things that can be set for the town community , including city legislation for security , customs , industry , commerce , health , and planning and building development . If you manage a city , you have the potential to form their own country . If you combine the power , you can be the king , with the ability and the power that is not owned by other players . You can hire more people and affect the guild leader under your command to be stronger . In addition , you can fight with other countries to get wealth .

Atlantica Online Guild

Guild is a union of almost all MMORPGs , as well as here . Guild offers cooperation to improve the playing experience . However , membership in a guild in Atlantica offers much more than that , including the ease of crafting , dungeons exclusive guild , and guild points which can be exchanged for rare items .

Mentor System Atlantica Online

Wake up and strengthen friendship during Atlantismu search ! Bring a new adventure with you and for your experience with beginners . Receive a gift when your pupils achieve level 30 .

Knowledge Impartation System Atlantica Online

Teach the skills you learn to your pal friends , or share your knowledge of monsters you have encountered with newcomers to help them along the way .

Player Driven Economy Atlantica Online

Economic systems Atlantica Online

Atlantica has an economic system that is run by the players . Playerlah who do crafting almost all items and equipment in the game after collecting the materials needed are scattered around the world . Atlantica has been designed to create a ' demand' and ' supply ' of materials such proficiency level to ensure economic stability .

Atlantica Online Crafting System

Forging weapons , make potions , and supplies necessary to use a variety of materials obtained from the enemy . Not only that ! Learn up to 34 different crafting skills and learn up to 100 levels to get crafting skills for more powerful items . Refine your weapons through enchantments or enhancements to have more damage . Refine weapons will shine , bringing deepest fear for your enemies .

Atlantica Online Featured game

The fight Atlantica Online

Start a fight Atlantica Online

When you hover over the monster , the icon will turn into a sword . When you right-click on nearby monsters you will enter Battle Mode . You can enter the battle with a monster that has to do battle with other players .

Monster Information Atlantica Online

When you right-click on a monster and select ' Details ' you can see the level and battle formations .

( Only applies when using the Scroll of Patrol )

If the monster has to do battle with other players you can also see the ' Battle Obsevation ' which will make you able to watch the fight without participating .

Atlantica Online Battle Mode

In order mercenary can perform Action when it's your turn in battle mode they need at least 100 Action Power . Mercenary capable of doing Action when your turn will be marked with green color .

After all mercenary action that has enough power already using Action during a turn , or when the time limit had expired ( 30 seconds ) then turned into the enemy 's turn .

Atlantica Online Transaction

Barter Atlantica Online

Although you can buy and sell items in the Market , you can also perform direct barter of money and goods with other players .

Personal shop in Atlantica Online

You can sell and buy items to and from other players with your Personalized Store . After opening private shops you can still move , fight , or conduct other transactions . You can also search for items sold by other players and buy them through a private shop window .

And many other features on this onlineAtlantica games . but for you are already used to play strategy games or MMORPGs , you 'll have no trouble to play Atlantica Online Games .

Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest is a name provided by the games or online game portal site gemscool is where the game is not less interesting as the other games first introduced terhadapa online game lovers in Indonesia, especially the online gaming pemaina gemscool. play online game portal site has been provided in the call with gemscool the dragon nest. to play this one carries a three-dimensional graphics system so that the display in the game more vivid and real.

Gemscool Dragon Nest, As for the origin of dragon nest game is from the south is where the correspondence manufacturers are now working with various portal sites and online games are becoming one of its partners is gemscool. with the cooperation on the intertwined dragon nest makes the game increasingly well known by the public and a growing number of gamers who play it.

Even the gamers in Indonesia was so fun and loved the game will treat the input into the largest category of game lovers in asia. see it all because it is very well worth seeing now a lot of the development of the youth and adults who often play games online from gemscool treats.

Gemscool Dragon Nest


Gemscool Dragon Nest Guild uses the system so that players can build community with other players , make friends easier and more familiar through the Guild . Guild name and character name indicated above is the name of the Guild .

PvP system in Dragon Nest players equate the status of different levels . Thus , high and low level characters in PvP can be met with the same relative strength . There are 4 models available PvP to 8 players to 16 players depending on the selected folder . ( Map to 36 players can join at the same time being developed . )

- " Respawn " Mode ( In accordance with the sequence shown in the screenshot )
When a player is killed in PvP battle , he will live again after some time . Team or character that kills most is the winner .

- " Round " Mode
Anyone who survived the team or player is the winner of this battle . There is no respawn .

- " Protect the Leader " modes
" Leader " is selected at random among all the team members . Each team must kill the leader of his team to win , and this makes the cooperation of the team members is essential .

- " Free For All " mode
All players will fight against other players who joined in the folder.
There are several channels for PvP Battle , is to minimize the occurrence of lag even with the number of players who are online .

Dark Lair
Player can enter the " Dark Lairs , " which is a Dungeon Event . Each player can enter the Dark Lair twice a day . Dark Lair consists of 36 Round which have different achievement , and here , the player can obtain a title that will provide a hefty increase in status , and also Gold is quite a lot . Gold and equipment were obtained from Dark Lairs will greatly help the player to become more powerful . Dark Dungeon Lairs also have some .

Many " Title " interesting and very useful that can be obtained by completing the mission . The player can make the title stand out and be noticed by other players , and also get the addition of some Title status . Approximately 300 Title in Dragon Nest , and collect the title - title gives player another reason to play this game continuously.

- Indicates title is being used .
- Can specify the category of Title which will be shown in the drawing with number 3 .
- List of Titles to choose from . Click on each title to see details.
- Additional Shows the status of the selected title .
- Messages shown when obtaining Title .
- Indicates the category of Title and Title Mission what it earned .

Player can run the Mission or Achievement that will provide a variety of Objectives to be completed ( Item Collecting , Enhance Equipment , Monster Beats , Exploration , Character Development , and meet various conditions when completing various Dungeon . )

- Shows all the Mission Screen .
- Shows a list of " standard" missions .
- Shows a list of " stage - related " missions .
- Shows a list of " battle - related " missions .
- Shows a list of " event - related " missions .
- Shows the number of missions that have been completed .
- Shows details of each achievement .
- Shows a list of all the missions that have been completed .

After completing the mission , the player will receive a variety of rewards including game items , gold , title , or experience . Another Tingaktan Mission is " daily , " " weekly , " " event - related , " and "hidden . " Player can run a new mission every day and week . By utilizing the features of this one , the player will receive a special reward .

Register Gemscool Dragon Nest

Do a quick way gemscool list headed dragon nest

Put Gemscool ID , Email Address used
when registering , as well as the Security Code

Fill in the fields below :

Junior Member ID : [ .......... ]
Password : [ .......... ]
Retype Password : [ .......... ]
E-mail address : [ .......... ]
Hint Answer : [ .......... ]
Phone : [ .......... ]
 [ Checklist ] I agree EULA & SEND

Login Gemscool Dragon Nest

For a quick way to log gemscool dragon nest , please go

Gemscool Game Online Indonesia

Gemscool Online Game Portal First in Indonesia, with the rise of many gamers even millions who play online games in gemscool biggest game portal and the first in Indonesia.

Gemscool exciting games gaming providers who are many choices for you lovers of the game would have been happy to play the game in gemscool as many options that can be played by anda.tersedia variety of exciting game options, one of them: such as Point Blank, Free Style, Yulgang, Apocalyps, Dragon Nest , Atlantica, Lost Saga, Mako, Eligium and many others.
For those of you who want to play in gemscool must register first, how do I want to go into here will gemscool nah Tell us how to get into gemscool.

How to List Member List as follows:


enter the code shown such as ID, password, email, mobile phone and verification code

open the verification email buddy and this game in your inbox and then click the link gemscool link listed there

do gemscool login and enter the ID and password are in registered earlier.

Once the list please enjoy the game in gemscool and enjoy hopefully this article useful for my friend who gemscool list.

Gemscool Cabal

Gemscool Cabal Online to new users who are not familiar , but can also be enjoyed by MMORPG players with plenty of experience . Both could easily adapt to our game in no time . The reason ? Because we never lose sight of one important rule : do not set a game online final exam dizzying .

Gemscool online game Cabal Online back in his true identity .
Since everyone agrees that the game should be evocative and challenging . Thus , MMORPG , as a variant of the game , should also be subject to the agreement . Good MMORPG must be equipped with combat and skill system is built with sleek, stunning battle movement , clear quest systems and , not forgetting , 3D graphics and animation that generates most bully the world as close as the original picture .

Cabal Online will oust you as a hero
Since all agree that all the games , of course, including the MMORPG , should be interesting , challenging and evocative . Thus , as has been described , skills and battle system that is built up neat , stunning movement fighting , clear quest systems and high-level 3D graphics absolute prerequisite to be an important game coming year survival .

Although the ideal game , with all the benefits above , it is not easy to be realized , we will continue to strive hard to achieve it because , after all , to the satisfaction of our users is the most lucrative award .

Environment in the game Cabal Online , you will grow up to be a hero .
After completing puzzles , tricks , traps and monsters overthrow the boss , you will taste the sweetness of accomplishment and satisfaction is bubbling . However , the world is a universe with Game Online endless competition and challenges . Being the hero in Game Online is definitely but not all games will really touch you . CABAL will touch you . CABAL will be declared as heroes . CABAL provides an opportunity to write his own epic hero .
Cabal Online mix of experience and technology
An online game is a combination of a variety of Internet and network technologies .
Many MMORPG from South Korea are exported abroad . No exaggeration if we claim that our country is at the forefront of the gaming industry .
Online game development in our country has become a hot discussion all over the world . This is definitely a testimony to our achievement .

Online gaming is a form of software .
ESTsoft has developed a variety of software .
ESTsoft is a company that is able to successfully play the game makes you feel .
We will show evidence that peramuan CABAL is the result of experience and the right technology .

Cabal Online will take you one step closer to new fresh ideas .
In a world that continues to recur , a fresh new idea means a step towards excellence .
Inevitably , we have received many many suggestions . Perhaps , on the other hand , what you show has also made you doubt us . Then , we reasoned that if we do not wise to doubt the various suggestions and stop flow of fresh ideas to you .

We will always be one step ahead of the others . Edged with a very fast time . Waktupun immediately feels worthwhile .
You have observed CABAL least once . However , the more often you see it , the more upset feeling your interest in this game . Initially , when you first set foot in Nevareth , everything feels familiar . Gradually , you will feel no different ; You will find that CABAL has a battle system and skill system is so evocative . CABAL begins with a simple game but when you're getting tied with CABAL , we assure you , the taste will hausmu quest never baked .

Even so , we are still waiting for a burst of idea. Yes , your fresh ideas O Force Archer , Force Shielder , Force Blader , Wizard , Blader and Warrrior . We have always suggested the idea of ​​waiting for it interrupted the fight and adventures .